Sugar Rush: Rugelach from Lee Lee's Baked Goods

Sugar Rush

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[Photographs: Niko Triantafillou]

If you make a daytime visit to Harlem's burgeoning new restaurant row, make sure to stop by Lee Lee's Baked Goods to experience their friendly service and try some of their world class rugelach, currently my favorite in Manhattan.

There are two types of rugelach in New York. The first style, exemplified by Breads Bakery, has a soft texture throughout and resembles a tiny, rolled croissant. The second is more rectangular, with a much firmer and well-baked exterior. The Lee Lee's product falls squarely in the second camp with a heavily caramelized bottom and a buttery flavor that reminds me of the edges of a well-baked chocolate chip cookie. When you bite into it, there's a distinct crunch. It's available in three flavors, cinnamon, apricot and (my recommendation) chocolate ($1/piece). They often sell out, so go as early as possible.


Though they're known for their rugelach, Lee Lee's also carries other great comfort desserts, such as two different kinds of coconut cake (look for a review in the coming weeks).

Lee Lee's Baked Goods

283 West 118 Street, New York, NY 10026 (map) 917-493-6633