Sugar Rush: Apricot Meringue Shells and Petit Chocolat at Lady M

Sugar Rush

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[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

You know how much we love the golden mille crepes (and mille-feuilles!) from Lady M. But did you know they also do a whole collection of individual sweets? Like these Meringue Shells ($4) made from a puff pastry stuffed with housemade almond cream and sweet apricots. The shell is topped with a crosshatch of soft meringue, baked just so you get that slight crunch before sinking into creamy, nutty decadence.


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And while you're there, also pick up the Petit Chocolat ($4), which is basically the most refined brownie in town...

20130408-247464-ladym-choux1-edit.jpg well as the Mini Choux ($2). Perfectly portioned pâte à choux bites piped full with a vanilla crème bavaroise.


Ahh, just look at that!

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