Steakcraft: Quality Meats' Seared Three Filets


Behind the scenes of New York's premium dry-aged steaks. An in-depth look at the aging, cooking, and presentation of New York's premium dry-aged steaks from beef expert Nick Solares.

[Photographs: Nick Solares]

Steak Fact Sheet

Cut: Filet Mignon
Grade: USDA Prime
Breed:Black Angus, Creekstone Farms
Pre-Cooked Weight: 9 ounces
Price: $45
Price per Ounce: $4.80


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Last time on Steakcraft we looked at Quality Meats' massive 64 ounce double rib steak. This week we look at another steak from their menu which is almost the polar opposite: the seared three tenderloin filets. Like many of the offerings at Quality Meats, there is a whimsical, playful element to the preparation: The dish is actually a deconstruction of three popular filet mignon recipes served on a single plate. Quite unlike the primal, charred hunk of beef that is the rib steak, the filets are treated gently and lavished with a supporting cast of quality ingredients and lots of classic French culinary technique.

The finished dish

Chef Stratos Georgedakis

A 9 once portion of Prime Filet is divided in to three medallions and pan seared. One portion is served "Oscar" style with crab, asparagus, and Béarnaise sauce. In a twist on the traditional plating, the crab is placed under the filet. Similarly, the Wellington preparation places the filet atop oysters, and is then capped with a ring of puff pastry, rather than the full wrap of a traditional Wellington. Finally there is a play on steak au poivre, which is probably the least deconstructed of the recipes. The dish is immensely popular, selling an average of over 40 portions nightly.

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