First Look: Tres Carnes, Mexican-Flavored Barbecue with Texas Smoked Meat in the Flatiron

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[Photographs: Nick Solares]

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Tres Carnes opened last week serving up a fusion of Mexican flavors and Texas-style smoked meats using the (dare I say it?) Chipotle service model. If the concept sounds familiar, the barbecue has a stronger pedigree than you may suspect—the restaurant has enlisted Mike Rodriguez as pit master, who spent almost a decade running the pits at the legendary Salt Lick in Texas.

His smoked meats—16-hour smoked beef brisket and pork shoulder, and a four-hour brined and smoked chicken—are cooked in a J&R smoker and paired with recipes from first-time executive chef Sasha Shor. While there are three regular meats, as the name of the establishment indicates, there will also be special a "weekly smoke." The meats are served as either burritos, tacos, or in a bowl with an assortment of rice and beans, salsas and pickles.

View the slideshow above for a look at the new quick-service barbecue shop.

Tres Carnes

688 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10010 (map) 212-989-8737