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[Photographs: Nick Solares]

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Last year chef Frank Prisinzano of Frank, Lil Frankie's, Supper, and Sauce fame teamed up with butchers Adam Tiberio and Erik Hassert to open a retail butcher counter on Rivington Street. It was a logical move for Prisinzano, who has always approached his restaurants within the larger context of community-building. Prisinzano wanted a direct connection to the farmers that supply his meat, both to ensure that his ingredients were of the highest quality and help establish a sustainable and responsible food supply chain.

All the meat at Tiberio is comes directly from farms within driving distance of New York City. The beef—both pure Black Angus and a Angus/Hereford cross—comes from upstate New York, where it is bred by Jen Coleman of Brookefield Farms and pastured Steve Reid of Argyle Angus Farms. There beef comes in both pure grass-fed and pasture-raised, grain finished varities, and is hormone and antibiotic free. The 100% Berkshire pork is raised in Vermont by Alethea Bahnck of Vermon Heritage Grazers. It too is hormone and antibiotic free.

Chuck Tender Tartar

The butcher shop has given Prisinzano, Tiberio, and Hassert a platform to start a large format feast appropriately called The Butcher's Table dinner. The menu changes nightly depending on the meats available and requires the participation of 10 people. The Butcher's Table is priced at $100 per person with a $125 per person house wine pairing available. More elaborate pairings can also be curated based on parties taste and budget.

Reservations can be made by calling Tiberio Custom Meats or by emailing [email protected]

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