Our Choicest Eats from Choice Eats 2013

[Photographs: Jacqueline Raposo]

We couldn't eat everything at last night's Choice Eats tasting event, hosted by the Village Voice. We tried, truly. But there was just too much food. It was common to see packed trays overflowing. One over-eager eater brought Tupperware.

The event seems to get better each year, but while the 69th Armory packed in a sold-out crowd, the space lacked the obnoxious herded-cattle feeling that tastings can often inspire. Yes, there were lines. But not too many, and most moved relatively quickly, with rewards of delicious food from all across the city.

There was food. And there was drink. And there were sweets, and savories, and things that were crunchy and squishy and spicy and smooth.

Click on the slideshow above for a glimpse inside what we managed to devour before waddling home.