Sugar Rush: St. Patrick's Day Shortbread Cookies at Bouchon Bakery

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

All too often, seasonal menu items are overwrought and underpowered, sent into the spotlight before the kitchen gets them really right, then shelved after a few weeks.

So it's refreshing to see Bouchon Bakery take a more straightforward approach to St. Patrick's day. No Guinness-caramel whatever, just some very solid shortbread cookies ($5 for two). They're sandy and crisp with a deep, deep butteriness. But you know how some buttery cookies are so oily they stain whatever package that holds them? These don't; no weeping fat here. The icing is snappy royal, not too sweet, the only clue that these cookies are designed to be more festive than your typical shortbread.

Bouchon is also selling soft sandwich-style butter cookies with ganache filling, and they're nice, but these shortbreads are what you should be after. Get them soon—St. Patrick's is a few days away, and these cookies won't stick around.

Bouchon Bakery

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