Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Manuel Trevino's Upper East Side

Neighborhood Guides

Locals' guides to New York neighborhoods.

Manuel Treviño has cooked all over town, everywhere from Babbo to Lavo, but the Top Chef alum's latest gig as executive chef of Marble Lane, the eatery in Dream Downtown Hotel, allows him to get more creative than ever. He infuses the menu with nods to his Mexican heritage, exotic touches that take you out of the hotel steakhouse. Always up for a challenge in the kitchen, Manuel's after-hours eats reflect a desire for comfort and classic touches.

Manuel's Picks


Gino's slice. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Pizza, slice: I gotta say, sometimes I just crave a white slice of Gino's! My kids love that place, and the staff all know my boys. It's kind of a fun, neighborhood, family environment.

Pizza pie: Nick's. My boys really like it there too. It's a nice place for the family when we want to sit for a little.


J.G. Melon's cheeseburger. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Burger, cheap: I love the burger at J.G. Melon. It's famous in New York for the signature juicy hamburger, which is a go-to for me when I want to get out of the kitchen.

Burger, fancy: The Mark by Jean-Georges serves up a $25 burger with black truffle dressing that is a luxurious treat.

Sandwich: Ottomanelli's is a butcher shop, but you can't beat it for sandwiches. The Italian Hero is amazing, I get it every time.

Bagel: Tal Bagels makes solid New York bagels. I've been eating toasted everything bagels with cream cheese from there for years.

Breakfast: I don't usually eat a big breakfast, but Corrado has great breads. I actually go there for lunch sometimes.

Dive bar: I love American Trash. It's right down the street so it's easy to crawl home. I usually drink beer there, and they have a good selection of tequila.


Bar eats at Jones Wood Foundry. [Photograph: Nancy Huang]

Nicer wine, beer, or cocktail bar: Great Hall Balcony Bar at the Met is great for summer, but still, even then, I'll be at Jbird. I also do like to grab a beer at Jones Wood Foundry. They serve great British beers, mostly on tap, and I really enjoy the classic pub feel over there.

Ice cream: Lexington Candy Shop's Strawberry Malted with an extra scoop is my go-to. The root beer floats also rock. My boys love it there!

Japanese takeout: Kobe Sushi is a great, new place that's steps away from my house. And they have $3 beer!

Falafel: I've only been to Hummus Kitchen a few times, but when I want a falafel, I go there.


Pozole from Sabor a Mexico. [Photograph: Scarlett Lindeman]

Mexican: I order in from Sabor a Mexico II. It's as close to authentic as I can get in my neighborhood.

Late-night eats: If I don't eat late night at the restaurant, I'll stop by Gracie Mews Diner since they're open 24 hours. I like to take out from there.

Date night: Arlington Club so I can say hi to the rest of the TAO team and know that she'll be taken care of! I also like that Laurent Tourondel offers both steak and sushi, so if she isn't a carnivore like I am, she can find plenty of options.

Can't-miss neighborhood spot: Sushi of Gari is a special occasion restaurant, but a must-dine for sure.