Frying Eggs and Braising Lamb for Seder at Balaboosta

[Photographs: Eunice Choi]

Like last year and the year before it, Chef Einat Admony is hosting a second night Seder dinner at Balaboosta. This year's meal is a collaboration with Chef David Tanis (New York Times columnist and chef of Chez Panisse) and Pastry Chef Keren Weiner (of Il Buco), and together, the three chefs will work to present a five-course meal the second night of Seder, complete with wine pairings and live music. We joined Einat and David in the kitchen to see the making of two dishes to be served at the dinner: a quail egg starter and a braised lamb main.


The eggs are rolled in matzo meal and crushed almonds, then fried and served on a large spoon with garlic aioli and pickled scallions. Chef Admony wanted to include an egg component in reference to the seder plate, one that could be eaten in one bite yet served family-style.

The braised lamb shank, served with harissa-honey carrots, chickpeas, and a green sauce is a dish that gives homage to the traditional use of lamb during spring celebrations. Although Chef Tanis uses European techniques to cook this protein, he draws on Middle Eastern flavors of mixed spices to make this more consistent with the Seder menu.

Braised Lamb

Although the two chefs have two different cooking styles, they both lean towards strong flavors and simple dishes. "We share a similar sensibility about food," said Chef Admony about her collaboration with Chef Tanis. "This lamb dish is one that we would serve at Balaboosta. It's also fun to sit together with different chefs and toss around ideas, collaborating together on a meal like this.

The Seder dinner at Balaboosta also includes a radish salad with roasted beets and rhubarb, a Yemenite soup with fenugreek matzo ball soup, red quinoa kale chips, a fish dish with swiss chard and lemon broth, and a chocolate caramel tart with coffee-cardamom ice cream for dessert. The courses are to be served family style, and Chef Einat looks forward to the communal nature of the dinner, and mixing together the guests.

"It's going to be fun, it's going to be funky, even the music. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, and go out of their comfort zones."

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As of now, tickets are sold out, but interested eaters can call Balaboosta for the wait list.


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