Sugar Rush: Wafers, Matcha Squares, and Cocoa Marshmallows at ROYCE'

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


We briefly mentioned the fresh cream Nama Chocolates from ROYCE a few weeks ago. It's the brand's signature sweet, and the must try item if you're only having one thing. But say you want more? Say your sweet tooth deserves a little reward?


Make it the cocoa marshmallows ($14 for a box of 20 to 25). Most chocolate marshmallows on the market are chocolate-dipped/chocolate-covered. But these are simply dusted in blend of coffee and cocoa. Single-bite, squishy and just sweet enough, it's like popcorn at the movies. You can never stop at just one.


They also do something called the Prafeuille Chocolat "Maccha" (30 pieces for $18), thin squares of matcha chocolate. A bite reveals a slow-oozing liquid matcha sauce, like a thick, concentrated tea syrup. It's great with hot tea.


And finally there are the Chocolate Wafers (12 pieces for $17), which come in Hazelnut Cream and Tiramisu Cream.


I'm a fan of the latter, a mini-stack of wafers with layers of both chocolate and mascarpone. The cubes are dipped in white chocolate and individually wrapped. Dangerously convenient.

ROYCE' Chocolate

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