15 Great Late Night Bites in Midtown

Our previous forays into New York's late night eating have so far been pretty easygoing. The East Village does late night food like that's its job, and the Meatpacking district is home to many alternatives to big box clubs and overpriced restaurants.

Head farther uptown and it starts to get tricky. "Late night" starts meaning 10 or 11, and the city's buffet of booze-sponge marvels slips down to slim pickings.

But there's plenty of demand for late night food in midtown: long nights at the office, after dark trips to Grand Central, trips to Times Square, and the like. So with that in mind, here are fifteen great ways to feed your late night belly grumbles, even if some are only "late" by midtown standards.

The Bites

The Late Night Midtown Food Map

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