Buy a Robicelli's Brownie, Help Fany Gerson's La Newyorkina Recover from Sandy

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[Photograph: Alice Gao]

Earlier this month, we told you about the continuing struggles Fany Gerson's La Newyorkina is facing after the hurricane. The storm cost her everything: her kitchen, her refrigerators and freezers, and her specialized (and hard to find) popsicle machines.

Fany, who's also the author of My Sweet Mexico, has since launched a Kickstarter to crowd-fund $20,000 to help get back on track, and as of this writing, with 19 days to go in the project, she's already raised over $21,000. But it's going to take a lot more than that for Fany to get her business back to where it was before Sandy, especially without help from insurance.


Robicelli's Brownies. [Photograph: Donny Tsang]

So in the spirit of Lonestar Taco's besito benefit, Robicelli's, whose herculean relief efforts we've profiled before, is also pitching in. For the month of February, starting today, Robicelli's is selling a special Fany brownie through their website, and a portion of their profits will go directly to La Newyorkina's recovery. The Callebaut and Valrhona brownies will be spiked with Mexican cinnamon and cajeta, goat's milk caramel. Robicelli's brownies ship nationally.

Other New York food artisans are joining in to help, including:

If you work with a food company and are looking to help, you can reach Allison Robicelli at [email protected].