Smoked, Cured, and Braised: All the Brisket from Brisket King of NYC

[Photographs: Brent Herrig]

Brisket King of NY was a packed event. But it was dang delicious.

14 New York cooks competed for the Brisket King crown, appointed by a team of judges (including our much-loved We Chat With interviewee Rozanne Gold) and crowd ballots. Briskettown's Daniel Delaney took home the gold, Tchoup Shop's Simon Glenn got "Best Non-Brisket Brisket," and Butcher Bar snabbed the "Most Innovative Brisket" award.

Brisket, in all its glory, was obviously the focus, with chefs offering traditional salt-and-pepper rubs to lettuce-wrapped compositions. While there wasn't a single sub-par brisket in the house, a few solidly stood out, so much so that we returned to a few tables just to sing our praises once more. Of our personal favorites, Ducks Eatery, Mighty Quinn's, Tchoup Shop, and Chef Robbie Richter stood out for innovation and overall melting meatiness.

Weren't there with the brisket-hungry masses? See the play by play in the slideshow.