Where to Get Buffalo Wings in NYC (A Wing Lover's Guide)

[Photographs: Ben Fishner, unless otherwise noted]

Editor's note: In addition to being Serious Eats'"Apps Only" correspondent, Ben Fishner is a chicken wing fanatic. In advance of the big game this Sunday, we asked him to research and share some of his favorite spots for wings around the city.

I love the Super Bowl. I could take or leave the football game, but I still look forward to Super Bowl Sunday every year, because it's the one day where my love of buffalo wings seems to be shared by everyone. I love chicken wings any way you prepare them, but my favorite would have to be fried up, crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and drowning in a sauce made of little more than Frank's Red Hot and butter.

I believe that wings can be great, but also that it's hard to find a really bad one. If it doesn't have enough sauce, it's fine, because the wing is such a juicy, chicken-y part of the bird. If it has too much sauce, that's fine too, because buffalo wing sauce is delicious. Even when they're overcooked, enough hot vinegary buffalo sauce can work wonders.

We've already given you some ideas for making your own wings for the big game, but I for one am loathe to make my own. So here is a guide to some of my favorite buffalo wings in the city—all of which can be eaten-in or taken to go.

Some are spectacular, singularly great wings that are worth traveling for, while others are simple workhorse wings that you'd be lucky to enjoy while watching the game. They are all good wings, and if you're looking for wings nearby to take home, the map below shows what's closest.

With apologies to lovers of smoky barbecue, honey mustard, garlic parmesan, teriyaki, Jamaican jerk, and sweet Thai peanut melange, the offerings here are limited to buffalo wings.

Click through the slideshow for a scorecard on each wing, including prices for large orders, or jump straight to a listing below.

The Wing Map

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