Open Thread: It's Cold Out! Where Are You Eating to Warm Up in NYC?

Latkes at Veselka. [Photograph: Laura Togut]

It's cold out. Really cold out. And while our friends in Chicago call this type of weather "Thursday," yesterday marked the coldest daytime temperature low we've had in New York in years. Which has us wondering: what are you eating to stay warm?

It's days like this that have us have us flocking to Veselka for pierogies and latkes, or to Cocoron for a steaming bowl of soba that doubles as aromatherapy (more grated daikon please!).

Weather this cold also gives us excuse to break out the fat pants and go all in on heavier meals, like platters of Ethiopian cuisine at destinations like Awash and Queen of Sheba; eating your weight in injera doesn't feel so bad when it's 12 degrees outside. And let's not forget: booze makes you feel less cold.

So how about you, serious eaters: what are you eating to fight the cold?