First Look: Bien Cuit Bakery's New West Village Store

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"We wanted it to have the same vibe as the Bien Cuit in Brooklyn, even if it's in Manhattan," said head baker Zachary Golper of his second location, which just opened on Christopher Street. The original Bien Cuit on Smith Street ("that one's still my baby") quickly became a Cobble/Boerum Hill neighborhood staple, as well as a wholesale bread bakery for restaurants all over the city since opening in 2011.

And that's where all the baking operations will stay—on Smith Street. The Christopher Street location is a retail-only shop with fresh deliveries happening twice daily to keep the wicker baskets and glass cases stocked full of the Bien Cuit favorites: the double-baked almond croissants, the dainty tarts, the fresh-baked loaves, and the sandwiches made on said breads.

Two new menu additions will only be available at the Christopher Street location: pot pies and salads. "This isn't a classic American-style pot pie though," Golper clarified, which fits with Bien Cuit's style, moving back and forth between classic French concepts and American interpretations. In this case, the pot pie innards will be intensely rich, not soupy, with a lattice top made of croissant dough. "It's the kind of pot pie that flakes all over your sweater when you eat it."

Of the two new salads, there's a Caesar, with its traditional French elements—Romaine lettuce and an egg-based dressing—combined with truffle salt, roasted garlic oil, and Bien Cuit's house-baked croutons.

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Like the Brooklyn location, Christopher Street will sell some provisions on the wooden shelves inside: jams from jam goddesses June Taylor and Christine Ferber, unique Italian honeys (like a pine honey, Golper's latest obsession), as well as a special coffee blend from Brooklyn Roasting company, which is also available behind the counter as the house coffee.

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Bien Cuit

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