A Sandwich a Day: Shahi Paneer Wrap at Tastee Curritos

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It's hard to stand out amongst the Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants that crowd Greenwich Village; Tastee Curritos distinguishes itself by inventing the "Currito," a clever portmanteau of "Curry" and "Burrito." The fusion pretty much ends at the name though, as the food is not so much a marriage of Mexican and Indian cuisine but rather a selection of properly prepared curries served in sandwich form. After reading all about the sandwich and wrap offerings from Robert Sietsema, we had to try them for ourselves.

Of the three fillings we tried (all available as a hero sandwich or currito), the Shahi Paneer Wrap ($6) is what we'd go back for. Normally I wouldn't want to eat a whole bowl of paneer by itself, but wrapping it in a flour tortilla makes it more appealing. It features soft, fresh cheese that's salty and pickle-tangy thanks to the pungent Punjabi curry sauce. They'll ask you if you want lettuce and tomato in your wrap, but you'd be better served to omit the filler and head straight for the cheese.

We were less impressed by the Achari Chicken, which was tender but overly vinegared and muted by its thick hero roll, and the Punjabi Chole, which offered bland chickpeas that leaked liquid past the flour tortilla's thin walls.

Tastee Curritos is open until "3 a.m. and sometimes 5 a.m.," which makes it an ideal nightcap for any vegetarians who have been out partying in the Village.

Tastee Curritos

99 Macdougal Street, New York, NY 10012 (map) 212-510-7405