Video: Silver Moon Bakery's Judith Norell on the Joy of Bread Baking


"Working with bread dough is like playing music...I could not go a day without bread."

This is just how the owner and head baker of Silver Moon Bakery, Judith Norell, talks. She bakes because she craves the physicality and "exactness" that comes from shaping bread from dough to loaf. And she wanted to do something "benign that's good for the world."

Our buddy Liza de Guia of Food Curated thinks Silver Moon makes the best baguette in New York (we agreed in last year's tasting), so we'll definitely agree with the "doing good" claim.

Liza interviewed and filmed Norell at her Upper West Side bakery, where it's obvious to see the physical connection Norell has to her work. She describes her products as French in approach, with sourdough bases for her baguettes, boules, and loaves, and more elegant, less sweet cakes. It's a thoughtful and pretty video about one of our city's bread heroes.

Watch the Video

Silver Moon Bakery: Rolling Out The Best Baguettes in New York City from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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