Gift Guide: Locally Made Treats from NYC Food Artisans

Food Artisans

A different New York artisan every week.


[Photograph: Stephanie Klose]

Whether you're looking for an office grab-bag gift or a substantial present for someone you adore, there's something from New York's food artisans that'll meet your needs. While the focus here is on products that can be purchased directly from the makers themselves, there are plenty of indie retailers (By Brooklyn, New York Mouth and Court Street Grocers, for example) that sell gift sets of locally made goods or will help you put your own selection together.

Stocking Stuffers ($10 and Under)

  • Any of the Mexican confections from La Newyorkina, like deeply caramelized coconut brittle, spicy candied pepitas, or pecan marzipan. ($6 each) She'll be at the Columbus Circle and New Amsterdam markets.
  • Salty Road taffy in seasonal flavors like Eggnog, Pumpkin Pie, and Peppermint. ($5.50 each)
  • A bottle of P&H Soda syrup. With flavors like hibiscus and sarsaparilla, they're delicious on their own in seltzer or used in cocktails. ($10)
  • Roni-Sue's salty-sweet Beer and Pretzel Caramel Nuggets ($5)
  • You can't go wrong with jerky. Slantshack lets you customize flavors for those whose tastes you know or choose from some of their favorites, including the Bronx Brewery Pale Ale jerky, which is marinaded in beer from the Bronx Brewery and Brooklyn-based Tin Mustard. ($10 and up)
  • Speaking of, Tin Mustard's Special Edition mustard is made with their homemade vinegar from New York State apple cider. ($7)

Gift Sets


Robicelli's treats. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

  • Robicelli's will deliver their brownies, crazy cupcakes, and other treats to your door with a minimum order.
  • Spicy 'n' Sweet have teamed up with Sfoglini to offer a made-in-NYC pasta and sauce gift box. ($40) They'll be selling it at the New Amsterdam Market until Christmas.
  • Saucy by Nature's sets will provide the recipient with the best sauces and spreads for the Ultimate Sandwich Experience, Roast Dinner, Holiday Party, or Sunday Breakfast. ($25-50)
  • Granola Lab is offering a holiday box containing three bags of granola (your choice of flavors), two Brewer's Bars, and a soup mug. ($35)
  • Pipsnacks is offering a twist on the ubiquitous popcorn tin with large bags of their holiday flavors (Lemon Truffle, Lemon Pesto, Lemon Kettle, plus their signature flavor, Rosemary) in a reusable crate. ($75-88)
  • Mitchmallows Holiday Duo, a dozen each of Eggnog and Candy Cane marshmallows. ($29.95) Add a bag of Robicelli's hot chocolate if the recipient has been especially good this year. ($15)
  • The food artisans' alliance Fare Trade NYC is selling gift sets of products from member companies like Kings Co. Jerky, A+B American Style, Spoonable, and The Jam Stand. Themes include Tea Time, Breakfast, Spicy, Sweet, and Savory. The sets are available at the Fare Trade booth at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar and will be on the Fare Trade website later this week. ($28-45)