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[Photograph: Stephanie Klose]

Meghan Daly of Daly Pie attributes the popularity of her pie crust to two things: she uses all butter, no shortening or lard, and she does everything by hand, with no help from a food processor or mixer. That way, she says, it's easier to make sure there are different size bits of butter in the dough, which is what makes the crust extra flaky. "It really has that handmade quality," she adds.

She has twenty or so recipes that she rotates, depending on what's in season or what she feels like making, but her personal favorite is still the first recipe she learned how to make: her mom's apple pie. "It's good hot, it's good cold, it's good with cheese, it's good with ice cream," she says. "It's just good, period." She draws on her background working in an apple orchard to help select the perfect fruit to use. (For the record, she prefers Empire, Rome, or Cortland.)

She will forego her famous crust when the pie calls for it though, as with the cookie-crumb-crusted gingerbread marshallow meringue or insanely decadent peppermint patty pies she was serving at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar recently. It was a flavor that occurred to her while she was rolling out dough for something else and worked out pretty much the way she wanted it to as soon as she had a chance to try it.

In addition to the Night Bazaar, Daly will be at a number of holiday markets around the city. She also frequently sets up shop at comedy shows and other events, including a recent Pat Kiernan-hosted trivia night at the Bell House. "It's a fun way to meet new people," she says of these events, "especially when people aren't expecting [pie], they get really excited."

Her delivery service has the same effect. "Giving the gift of pie is also really exciting," she says. "When someone opens their door to find you there with a pie they didn't know was coming, they're so happy." She adds, "I get hugs."

Follow @DalyPies on Twitter to find out where she'll be next, or visit her website to order directly.