Get Your Tickets for This Year's Woks and Lox, the Jewish-Asian Christmas


[Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Christmas is almost here, which means, for Jewish and Asian New Yorkers anyway, that lingering question of so, what are we doing this year? Here's one answer: Woks and Lox, the second annual Jewish-Asian Christmas hosted at The Queens Kickshaw in Astoria. And there's a special guest chef for the night, our very own offal-eating, noodle-slurping, Chinese-cooking Chichi Wang.

This year's menu features Jewish-Chinese crossover dishes like scallion oil kasha varnishkes, five spice latkes, matzo ball and rice cake soup, and red bean and black sesame rugelach. You can also expect games of mahjong and an auction with proceeds donated to Jews for Racial & Economic Justice and the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence.

Take a look at Chichi's recipes from last year's Woks and Lox here and book your tickets fast before they sell out. It's $60 for the full dinner and $28 for a condensed snack-based "nosh party."