Bronx Eats: 2012 In Retrospect

[Photographs: Chris Crowley, unless otherwise noted]

2012 was a good year for the Bronx here on Serious Eats. It was our first year of dedicated coverage of the borough's culinary trappings, and boy did we find some tasty bites. So when presented with the task of putting together a year-end post, I wanted to focus on highlighting some of the more unique Bronx experiences that we have covered. We have already given you this year's list of 14 must-eat dishes in the Bronx—how many did you knock out? You still have meals before 2013!—and a guide on how to stuff yourself silly along the 6 train.

Still, we ate some really good grub since those posts, so now I'll chime in with a couple of the more unique and delicious foods covered in the year's waning months. This is not so much a "best of" list as it is a celebration of the borough's culture, with some thoughts on the future thrown in for good measure.

Here's to 2013 and the many more meals to come!

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