Smörgåsboard: Food-Friendly Ways to Help with Sandy Relief

Best Pizza's Meatball Sub ($8)

Meatball Sub at Best Pizza. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

  • LiftsAll: Restaurants helping other restaurants in need. Participating restaurants are paired with hard-hit restaurants to "sponsor," to which they'll provide donations or parts of sales or tips through Sunday, November 11th. Active restaurants include Caselulla, Ardesia, and Danji.
  • Dine Out Williamsburg: This Thursday, Williamsburg restaurants are banding together to donate portions of proceeds to the Red Cross. Participating restaurants include Best Pizza, Dinner, Gwynett St., the Brooklyn Star, and about 35 more.
  • Eat Down. Tip Up: A new Tumblr all about eating out to help restaurants and service industry workers in need of revenue today. If you can't get downtown, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, and New Jersey all need boosts, too!