Scenes from the New York Chocolate Show

[Photographs: Brent Herrig]

If you're the kind of New Yorker who thinks brunching and drinking and napping is the perfect way to spend a Sunday, then the New York Chocolate Show is not for you. It's teeming with families, who take advantage of the "first kid under 12 is free and each additional kid costs less than half the price of an hour with your babysitter." As is common with tasting events, tables are swarmed by those grabbing for grub—in this case the mania is at a fever pitch because everyone is on a sugar and caffeine high. And in the midst of all of it, there really is some incredible chocolate.

The 15th Annual Chocolate Show filled the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. About 50 companies represented, from names we know and love (Francois Payard, Brooklyn Dark, Valhrona) to those who are a bit of a find (Co. Co. Sala, Eclat, Jer's), to those doing good for the world with cooperatives and earth-friendly ingredients (Gnosis, Kallari, Cooperbahia). They brought the classic, the classy, and everything in between.

Click on the slideshow for our finds and favorites.