Lunch Today: Anson Mills Grits at SCRATCHbread

Lunch Today

Lunchtime adventures from the Serious Eats editors.


[iPhone photo: Carey Jones]

I don't usually eat lunch in Brooklyn—that whole "office in Manhattan" thing—but when subways are limited and buses are so packed as to be almost un-rideable, you end up wandering around your own borough quite a bit. Which brought me to SCRATCHbread in Bed-Stuy. While they're obviously known for their breads, the grits they serve ($3, plain with butter) are awesome—Anson Mills grits cooked to a perfect creamy, almost fluffy consistency.

I'd be satisfied with just these and a big pat of butter, but you can't go wrong adding a poached egg, thick-cut bacon, and a seriously spicy jalapeño sauce. (Add-ons are $1 each and also include kale pesto, green tomato jam, avocado, and a lot more.) It's prettier like this, but best churned up all together so you get a little heat and a little meat in each bite. The egg was a little overcooked—the yolk only a little runny—but for a restaurant open just a few days after a hurricane, I'm not all that inclined to complain.

* Sorry about the photo. Sometimes you get stranded by a hurricane and don't have a decent camera with ya.


1069 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216 (map) 718-744-8231