A Thanksgiving Shopping Guide to NYC's Food Artisans

Food Artisans

A different New York artisan every week.

Kings County Beef Jerky

Kings County Jerky. [Photograph: Laura Togut]

The city's food artisans offer up myriad products to help you through the holidays, whatever your particular needs may be. Here's a guide to just some of the locally made specialty foods to help set your Thanksgiving table.


Maybe you're looking at a lot of travel time. Maybe you're used to Thanksgiving dinner at 2 p.m., but the people you'll be with this year eat at 6. Maybe your aunt is a plain terrible cook. It's always a good idea to have snacks.

  • Granola bars are portable, delicious, and nutrient dense. Granola Lab's new Brewers Bars are good for the environment too, since in addition to fruits and seeds, they're made with barley malt left over from beer brewing.
  • Kings Co. Jerky is ideal for your protein-rich snack needs, and it comes in Classic, Sichuan Ginger, and Korean BBQ flavors.
  • Pipcorn is probably best for those who don't mind sharing, since once the bag comes out, it's nigh on impossible to resist.

Gifts for Hosts

My Sweet

Brigadeiros from My Sweet. [Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

Whether you're spending Thanksgiving with your boyfriend's distant relatives or your own parents, it's nice to bring something the host or hostess could set aside and enjoy after all the company departs.

In the Kitchen


Pate from Brooklyn Cured. [Photograph: Stephanie Klose]

  • I would happily eat stuffing made with any kind of sausage that Brooklyn Cured turns out.
  • Stock comes in handy for just about every non-dessert item you're going to eat on Thanksgiving, and Brooklyn Bouillon has the goods.
  • Chulita's Famous makes a sofrito verde that's excellent with all kinds of vegetables or in salad dressing. If the people at your table like their sweet potatoes savory, the sofrito con spices would be a delicious addition.
  • On the other hand, if you lean to the sweet side of sweet potato preparations, you can't do better than to use Mitchmallows, maybe in an array of colors and flavors. I think I'd opt for the maple syrup pancake flavor, but pumpkin pie or vanilla would do the trick nicely too.

On the Table

Salumi from Charlito's Cocina. [Photograph: Stephanie Klose]


Rachel's Pies

[Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]

  • Rachel's Pies uses pumpkins from her family's Pennsylvania farm for their pumpkin honey pie, and adds a layer of dulce de leche to the chocolate cream pie with a pretzel crust. Pecan and harvest apple pies round out the offerings.
  • Cutie Pies are offering four holiday options: bourbon pecan, harvest apple, pear-cranberry, and pumpkin. In addition, if you don't need to ship the pies, there's also a locals-only menu of more delicate creations, including a very intriguing Guinness-Baileys cream pie.
  • There's plenty more pie intel in our search for the best pumpkin pies in NYC.