Bar Eats: Brooklyn Ice House Serving a Limited But Tasty Menu in Red Hook

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[Photographs: Nancy Huang]

One of the hardest hit neighborhoods during Sandy, parts Red Hook have slowly been springing back to life, reopening restaurants and bars in bits and pieces. While places such as the iconic Sunny's Bar are still closed, others are open, albeit with limited services or menus.

The beloved dive bar Brooklyn Ice House is one such place, offering up their usual selection of booze (which includes the popular $5 Shot & Beer combo) alongside a limited menu of cheap pub grub. Luckily, they've been able to serve their famous Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, an oversized slider of juicy shredded pork that you can top with their thick and spicy barbecue sauce. You can order one for $3 or two for $5.


The kitchen is also still serving their Ice House burger and veggie burger, but we recommend going for the Cheesy Pete ($6), a pair of classic gooey grilled cheese sandwiches made with inside-out hamburger buns. Add tomato or bacon to it for an even heartier meal.


We're longing for the day when Ice House can do chili again for their chili cheese fries, but in the meantime, the regular Fries and Sweet Potato Fries ($4) will do just fine.

In fact, a lot of items have yet to come back to the Ice House, including the Frito Pie, wings, and hot dogs. Some of the issues have to do with damaged kitchen equipment, others with food suppliers not being able to deliver products. But in true Red Hook spirit, all the prices have stayed the same in these tough times, meaning you can eat and drink for less than $15—and of course, afford to leave a hefty tip.

Brooklyn Ice House

318 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 718-222-1865