A Tour of Sahadi's, Brooklyn's Destination Middle Eastern Market

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Sahadi's is without a doubt one of the city's best markets, an unbelievable collection of everything Middle Eastern and beyond. "Sahadi's is a Middle Eastern market wonderland," frequent shopper Erin says, "there are just no adequate words to describe it."

Like at Kalustyan's in Manhattan, it's easy to get lost in the aisles amidst 150 types of cheese, olives of all kinds, nuts, spices, grains, coffee, deli goods, yogurt, sweets...you get the idea.

It's the keystone fixture of a stretch of Middle Eastern groceries, bakeries, and restaurants on Atlantic Avenue, which the storefront has called home for over 50 years (the original store was founded in Manhattan in 1898). Walk inside and you're instantly transported: the bustle, the lines of shoppers holding numbered tickets waiting for a staffer to fill their bags with bulk coffee and nuts, the dairy tang of labne that wafts from the deli. You don't shop at Sahadi's; you experience it, and if that means it takes longer than your average shopping trip to navigate the aisles and wait for your gallon of excellent creamy hummus to be packed up, that just gives you more time to drink it all in.

The market recently expanded, taking in an adjacent building, which should help relieve some of the congestion. So what can you expect to find on your visit? Take a look at our tour in the slideshow.


187 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (map) 718-624-4550