Five Seasonal Sandwiches at 'wichcraft


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

'wichcraft is one our favorite go-to lunch spots. You might pay a couple of extra bucks for these sandwiches, but they're way better than most of your other midtown lunch spots, and come with much higher quality ingredients. They have five seasonal additions to their sandwich menu—some new, some new versions of old favorites. Here's our rundown. Spoiler alert: we'd recommend them all.



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Whole Roasted Chicken ($9.64; pictured above)

This chicken salad sandwich is a cut above the gloppy creations most delis churn out. The dark meat is juicy and full of chicken flavor, and a vinegary cabbage slaw cuts the richness of the crema and adds crunch. A jolt of red chili brings it all together with a tastefully spicy kick.

Slow Roasted Pork ($9.87)


This pork sandwich stands out with juicy, fatty pork shoulder that melds into the creamy Fontina cheese. After a run under the sandwich press, the country bread absorbs all the porky juices. A spicy pepper relish packs a kick and brightens everything up.

Red Wine Braised Brisket ($9.87)


This is beef stew on ciabatta, and it's as good as that sounds. The juicy brisket is wonderfully beefy; peppers, mushrooms, and onions bring a trio of great stewy flavors. A hit of Gruyere cheese adds nuttiness and a touch more richness.

Roasted Pumpkin ($7.35)


It is officially fall, and that means pumpkin-flavored everything. At 'wichcraft, that means a roasted pumpkin purée with nutty brown butter, crunchy hazelnuts, and creamy mozzarella on grilled country bread. The pumpkin was vegetal and earthy, actually squash instead of sweet pie filling. We would have liked some more salt in it, but the mozzarella packed a savory punch that helped compensate for the mild squash.

Leek Frittata ($6.88)


This eggy sandwich is suitable for breakfast or lunch. The creamy eggs were soft and tender, and really showcased the sweet oniony-ness of the leeks. Roasted tomatoes and cheddar on top were welcome additions, but the frittata alone is enough for a satisfying meal.


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