Get a Taste of Finnish School Lunch at MoMA Until October 12

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

If you're planning to visit the MoMA during the next two weeks, here's your chance to get a unique lunch with the price of admission. From now until October 12, MoMA is holding a special lunch series, Back to School: A Taste of Finland, featuring a meal inspired by school lunches served in Finland. Finland was the first country in the world to provide all students with free lunches in 1948. The lunch series is held in conjunction with MoMA's new exhibit examining the relationship between the concept of childhood and modern design, Century of the Child.

Lunches take place each weekday (except Tuesday) until October 12th at noon in Cafe 2 on the second floor of the museum. Tickets for the meal plus museum admission are available at for $18, or about $20 with the ticket fee. (It may sound like a lot for something based on a school lunch, but considering regular adult admission is $25, it's a good deal.)

Check out the slideshow to see the Finnish lunch I ate yesterday of salmon soup, cucumber salad, and whipped lingonberry pudding. This menu will be offered for the rest of the week. Next week's menu will switch to macaroni casserole (which may sound more American than Finnish, but is actually a popular, everyday dish in Finland), red cabbage slaw with rutabega and raisins, milk pudding, and blueberry soup. The menu is a collaboration between Finnish chef Petteri Luoto and Cafe 2's chef Lynn Bound. It's pretty intimate, with only one table of guests (14 people) per meal; you may end up sitting next to the curator or chef.

For a look at real school lunches from Finland, check out these guest posts on NeverSeconds from a school in Mikkeli, Finland. The MoMA version is a bit fancier, and comes with adult-friendly coffee or tea at the end.

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