Cider and Small Plates at the New Amsterdam Market's Hard Cider Revival

[Photographs: Rachel Fletcher]

Cider Week was underway this Sunday at the second annual Hard Cider Revival at The New Amsterdam Market. The chefs of Marlow and Sons were serving up some delicious small plates paired with stellar ciders from New York Orchards.

Cider done right, it turns out, is way better than the candy-like Woodchuck you might be used to. Many ciders are made from apples too bitter and hard to be eaten ("non-eating apples"), in the same way that wine grapes aren't typically made from the varieties we buy in the supermarket.

Still, some cider makers turn to eating apples to make their ciders, and the results are undeniably different. A batch of cider is usually created from a large variety of apples—we encountered some made with up to forty types.

The paired small plates from Marlow and Sons may have been the stars of the festival, though. Andrew Tarlow, Chef Sean Rembold, and John Connolly, the chefs behind the reliably delicious Williamsburg spot served up some seriously delightful bites bites.

Click through the slideshow above to see what we tasted, apple and otherwise, and catch more Cider Week events here.