10 Great Late Night Bites in the Meatpacking District

[Photographs: Zachary Feldman, unless otherwise noted]

For a neighborhood so seemingly devoted to the concept of nightlife (and everything that it aspires to be), the Meatpacking District is surprisingly bereft of the kinds of cheap, junky midnight snacks that party animals know and love. Not to worry—after a night out at one of the area's boisterous bacchanalia, you'll surely welcome the opportunity to rest those dancing shoes while supping on everything from classic French pastries to a simple grilled cheese served in an out-of-place, bona fide greasy spoon. As an added bonus, compared to the area's infamously unforgiving door policies, getting into these spots is a cinch, and won't cost you half your paycheck. Check them all out in the slideshow, or head to an individual bite below.

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