Video: Food Curated Visits an Oyster Farm in Montauk


Montauk, located on the eastern tip of Long Island's South Fork, is a prime location for oyster farming. In these shimmery blue waters, Montauk Pearls start as small seeds and eventually grow into briny, plump oysters with sturdy shells. Montauk oysterman Mike Martinsen described their flavor best in his poetic surfer dude speak:

It reminds me of being out in the ocean at sunset...a double-overhead swell, perfect off-shore winds, a little rainbow blowing off the back of the wave. It's like that salt taste of the mist when you're coming down a wave in through a barrel. It's that sea taste: misty, salty, ocean bliss.

Our good buddy Liza de Guia, filmmaker of Food Curated, visited the oyster farm to learn more about the Montauk Shellfish Company operation.

Watch the Video

A Reason to Kiss the Sea: Montauk Pearl Oysters from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.