Bar Eats: 508 Gastrobrewery

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[Photographs: Nancy Huang]

With the distinction of being one of Manhattan's few brewpubs, the "gastro" part of 508 Gastrobrewery fittingly serves its brewery half with a menu of beer-friendly plates, including a selection of small plates perfect for bar dining.

The "Double Diablo" ($8), a pair of spicy deviled eggs skewered with a beer-battered fried oyster then topped with a pickled jalapeno, horseradish aioli and bacon crumbles, is a hefty flavor combo that calls for one of 508's hoppy IPAs. The oyster is fried perfectly—not too oily and barely cooked on the inside.


Grilled Octopus with Garbanzos ($14), sautéed with pancetta and dried fruits and garnished with mint and smoked paprika, is hearty in flavor, but still feels like a light dish, pairing well with one of 508's fruity Belgian-style ales.


The Slow Roasted Goat "Sloppy Joe" Sliders ($12) with rosemary mayo and jalapenos are a nice cross between sloppy joe and pulled pork, but made with goat, featuring tender, well-spiced meat and solid brioche buns. But at the cost of $6 per sandwich, the dish felt just slightly overpriced. A third on the plate would have made it a perfect bar bite.

Beer lovers can also take advantage of 508's beer pairing special featuring a selection of three courses, each paired with a in-house brewed draught beer, for $39. The special runs on Sunday and Monday between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm; menu selections are posted on the restaurant's Facebook page.

508 Gastrobrewery

508 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013 (map) 212-219-2444