Where to Get the Best Gelato in NYC

To say we're gelato freaks at SE HQ is putting it lightly—and we know we're not alone. So where do we go when we want consistently amazing gelato in flavors that sing? A few places, a mix of scoop shops, restaurants, and carts.

What makes for amazing gelato? Gelato is more dense, more silky, served warmer, and made with less cream and eggs than your typical ice cream. The texture should be almost elastic and the flavors should be pure and intense. And it should leave a clean finish on the palate, neither sticky nor buttery.

It's worth nothing that a few of these gelato makers sell their ice cream wholesale to restaurants. If you see gelato on a restaurant's dessert menu, it's worth asking where it comes from. Il Laboratorio del Gelato, for example, is mostly a wholesaler, with a small retail operation built out of their facility on Houston Street.

Take a look at all our picks in the slideshow. Our full list: