Food Artisans: New Yawk Baking Co.

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[Photograph: Christopher DeMark]

With the classic "New Yawk" accent she developed growing up on Long Island, Stephanie DeMark has had people telling her that she's "so New York" her whole life. So when she decided to start a cookie company, it seemed like the natural concept to build the products around.

Some of New Yawk Baking Co.'s cookies directly reference the city, like the Big Apple Caramel Cookies, with dried apples and butterscotch chips, or her version of the iconic black and white cookie with vanilla and dark chocolate icings on a shortbread base. Others are classics, like the Chawcolate Chunk or Peanut Butta 'n' Jelly, and some are DeMark's originals.

"I knew I couldn't reinvent the cookie," she says, "but I can come up with new flavors." One of those is New Yawk's signature cookie—and DeMark's own favorite—the Mishmosh, which includes potato chips, pretzels, chocolate chunks, peanut butter chips, hazelnuts, and marshmallows. "It's salty and sweet and really fun," she explains.

DeMark's husband is a pastry chef who owns the wholesale bakery where she makes the cookies, which is the perfect set-up for the newlywed couple. "We work together every day, but on separate projects."

One of the projects is what she calls a "natural cookie with cranberry and oats." She adds, "People have been asking for something with oatmeal and it's almost ready." It may even be ready in time to debut at Astoria Market's pop-up event at Break Bar & Billiards on August 5, where DeMark will be appearing with other food and non-food vendors. Cookie fanatics who can't make it that day can either order from New Yawk's online shop or buy from one of the stores on the growing vendor list.