Daily Scoop: Strawberry at Blue Marble

Editor's Note: July is Ice Cream Month on Serious Eats: New York! To celebrate, we're spotlighting a scoop we love every day.


[Photograph: Dave Katz]

My childhood memories of strawberry ice cream are rather gloomy. For backyard heroes such as myself, strawberry was simply the unfortunate consequence of losing the rock, paper, scissors game that decided the breakdown of a Neapolitan half-gallon. Thus the frozen dessert was always less of a treat for me than the fruit itself, but these puerile preconceptions met a cream-drenched end one warm afternoon in Brooklyn.

A scoop of Strawberry ($4 for small) from Brooklyn creamery Blue Marble doesn't look like much in the cup, but don't be fooled by its understated facade—this is serious ice cream. It hits the tongue in two distinct waves: ripe fruit followed by intense buttery richness. Unlike most commercial numbers, there are no icy hunks of frozen strawberry here, but only small bits of flesh, seed, and incredibly deep berry flavor. Between bites, I found myself thinking that the full-flavored creaminess was almost more reminiscent of buttercream cake icing than the corn syrupy Neapolitan stripe of my youth (likely the result of 14%-16% butterfat).

Partway through the cup, the cashier notified me that she takes her strawberry ice cream with some balsamic vinegar on top. A little pour went a long way, enhancing the fruity dessert with its sweet-sour tang. Definitely take the topping if it's available, as it makes a great scoop of ice cream even better. Leprechauns supposedly love berries and cream Starburst, but from now on I will take the two in frozen form, preferably from Blue Marble.

You can also find Blue Marble at the Brooklyn Flea and specialty stores around the city.

Blue Marble

196 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (map) 718-858-0408

186 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238 (map) 718-399-6926