Daily Scoop: Blueberry and Ginger Ice Creams at Ronnybrook Milk Bar

Editor's Note: July is Ice Cream Month on Serious Eats: New York! To celebrate, we're spotlighting a scoop we love every day.


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We don't have much in the way of farm-to-freezer ice cream in this city, which is why I'm all the more grateful for Ronnybrook Milk Bar in Chelsea Market. Their ice cream is some of the most dairy-forward I've had in New York; it really does taste like ice cream from a cow that's walked around happily its whole life, and has an almost elastic chew like a lot of New England's frozen treats.

Blueberry ($3.54 for two small scoops, $4.63 for four) is lovely but a little inconsistent: some bites taste intensely of berries, but others are more about mild cream. If you think of this as a berries and cream flavor, you'll be quite happy—especially once you dig into the sweet-tart blueberry skins. Ginger offers a warm, balanced spice and pleasant chunks of candied ginger. Ginger ice creams are often weak—or worse, too spicy. This is just right.

Ronnybrook Milk Bar

Chelsea Market 75 9th Avenue (map) 212-741-6455