Scenes from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown 2012

[Photographs: Laura Togut]

Following up on last year's ice cream takedown, this year's event was bigger and better than ever. Nearly 30 amateur churners competed tooth-and-nail for eternal glory, honor, and, er, an ice cream maker.

Organized by Matt Timms, the Takedown proclaims itself to be "America's most important food competition." Anyone can enter, and prizes are taken home by the top three judges pick's and top three people's choice. This years judges hailed from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, Blue Marble, Dreamscoops, and Adirondack.

The flavors were as creative as ever, ranging from 'master cleanse' to cotton candy, blueberry pancake, and mojito.

The Winners

The following contestants all walked away with their very own Cuisinart ice cream makers, ice cream scoops, microplane graters, and a lifetime of bragging rights:

Judges' Picks

3rd: Christmas in July (aka coquito, aka Puerto Rican egg nog)
2nd: Jersey Corn + Cardamon
1st: Susan Palmer, Belgian Supreme (Belgian ale with Belgian cookies and Belgian chocolate)

People's Choice

4th: Susan Caprio, Sugar Mama Nut Cracker
3rd: Susan Palmer, Belgian Supreme
2nd: Julie Barnard, The Gun Show
1st: Jill Strominger, Sundae Fundae (mojito)

You can check back at the Takedowns blog, where Matt promises to post the recipes soon.

Click though the slideshow to take a peek at what was there, including some victory dances.