Bar Eats: Raw Bar and Charcuterie at Hotel Delmano in Williamsburg

Bar Eats

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[Photographs: Nancy Huang]

Otherwise your prototypical speakeasy-style bar—weathered wood, marble bar, antique mirrors, suspenders—the warm summer evenings have made Hotel Delmano's coveted front patio one of the prime spots for some of the best people watching and cocktail imbibing in Williamsburg.

The bar menu is simple: seafood from the raw bar, charcuterie, cheese, and a few small plates. Start the evening with a glass of prosecco and some platters from the raw bar, such as the Snow Crab Legs ($14 for four), and take advantage of the fact that you're outdoors to get downright messy with the dish.


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If you're armed with post-meal mints or simply unafraid of fishy breath, the tin of Portuguese Sardines ($11), accompanied by Saltine crackers, radishes, salt and mustard, makes for a great bar snack.


If the sardines are too strong for your tastes, the Ceviche ($11) is a milder alternative. Hotel Delmano's version is unfussy, made simply of whitefish, citrus, tomatoes and cilantro. The bar also offers non-seafood options such as a selection of charcuterie from Despaña and artisanal cheeses from Murray's.

Go early to take advantage of the best seating options and long daylight; the best patio spot is the corner table facing Berry Street.

Hotel Delmano

82 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 (map) 718-387-1945