We Eat Every Ice Cream at Ample Hills Creamery

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Few scoop shops in this city make ice cream as good—and as fun—as Ample Hills Creamery in Prospect Heights. Since opening last year (they just celebrated their one-year anniversary) they've become my favorite place to get ice cream in town. Maybe it's the whimsical, sometimes daring flavors. Maybe it's the light but dense texture, and freshness that comes from homemade ingredients and solid technique. Maybe it's just that everyone there seems to have a great time. Whatever the reason—this is awesome ice cream you should try.

In the name of research, we paid a visit recently to taste all 24 flavors on their menu, plus some other frozen treats for good measure. Which ice creams should you dig into right away? See our thoughts on all of them in the slideshow above, more or less in order of our preferences. You can also jump straight to the individual flavors below. Note that many of these flavors, like Salted Crack Caramel and Chocolate Malted, are menu mainstays, but others do rotate. The list here reflects the menu right now.

The Flavors

The Classic

Vanilla Bean

The Clever

Mexican Hot Chocolate


Caught in the Rain (Pineapple Coconut Sorbet)

More Frozen Treats

Brownie Sundae

Our Top Picks

Your mileage may vary of course, but our recommendation for your first visit: definitely try some salty, smoky, bitter Salted Crack Caramel. Pay attention to the sorbets, especially Coconut Fudge and Caught in the Rain (pineapple coconut). And order up a few classics, like the vanilla bean, cafe au lait, chocolate malted, and toffee bar crunch. They're winners all.

This is the right way to share a milkshake

The right way to share a milkshake.

You can check out what flavors are available on a given day on their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, where they also announce special deals and contests.

Hit up all the flavors in the slideshow »

Ample Hills Creamery

623 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238 (map) 718-670-3346