Have You Ever Tried a Dinkie?

[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

If you ever said to your plate of pancakes, "I wish this were more spherical, and bite-sized, and in 13 different flavors," dinkies might be just the thing for you.

What's a dinkie, you ask? And you call yourself a food blog reader? Sorry, that's just the joke we've been making for a few days. Dinkies are both a snack and a store that sells them—just one, relatively new storefront on Baxter Street in Chinatown. They're a lot like aebleskivers: spherical pancake-y bites filled with a range of sweet and savory fillings. But we'll let the store give you their own definition:

Dinkie (ding-kee) noun 1. A fun homemade treat, a hybrid between a pancake and a cake, it's shaped like a sphere and can be filled with anything from peanut butter & jelly to ham & cheese. It fits right into the palm of your hands. It is served with endless sauces and toppings.

Goat Cheese Leaf and Ham and Cheese

Goat cheese-sage and ham and cheese dinkies.

So what do we do when we learn about a new food that's equal parts adorable and WTF? We try every last one of them. The dinkies shop sent us all 13 flavors to sample, from the conventional (plain and PB&J) to the totally ridinkulous (chicken biscuit dinkie, anyone?).

The dinkies, which come eight to an order for $5.49, are slightly smaller than ping pong balls with golden brown crusts. The dough itself is definitely pancake-like: light and fluffy, if a little saccharine. But they also have a slight egginess to them, like the Hong Kong mini cakes elsewhere in Chinatown. Also like those cakes, dinkies are at their best fresh and go downhill fast. Get 'em while they're hot.

Banana Caramel and Cinnadinks

Banana caramel and cinnadinks.

Dinkies may not quite be our favorite snacks in Chinatown, but they have a certain charm from equal doses cuteness and hilarity. Our favorites loaded big flavors into small packages, like the Cinnadinks and Jalapeno Cornbread. Check out all the dinkies in the slideshow, or skip straight to each below.

All the Dinkies

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Goat Cheese Leaf and Ham and Cheese »
Jalapeno Cornbread and Chicken Biscuit »
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Banana Caramel and Cinnadinks »
Strawberry Shortcake »


118 Baxter Street, New York, NY 10013 (map) 646-535-3465 (DINK)