TGI-Fry Day: Fritto Misto at Extra Virgin

TGI Fry-Day

Explorations of the frying arts.


[Photograph: Jessie Pasco]

Fritto misto, Italian for "mixed fry," brings together any number of ingredients through the power of the fryer. Seafood, fresh vegetables, and even the occasional fruit are coated with batter, thrown into the fryer, and cooked quickly to keep their bright flavor. Extra Virgin's fritto misto ($13) in the West Village mixes up fried squid, clams, and rock shrimp with slices of fried zucchini and lemon. For diehard calamari addicts, think of the extra seafood and veggie additions as a healthy upgrade: you still have a marinara-type side sauce and lemon becomes more than an accompanying garnish. The fried lemon slices make this dish sing, acting as tart bursts to cut through the grease. Even though this fritto misto is relatively light and grease-free, the dish is best shared among two people.

Extra Virgin might have a silly name, but, boy, does it have a great location. Tucked away on West 4th Street, it boasts a charming street patio that draws in tourists and locals alike.

Extra Virgin

259 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014 (map) 212-691-9359