Sugar Rush: Acme's Beer and Bread Porridge

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


[Photograph: Kathy YL Chan]

In the center is a scoop of salted caramel ice cream: smooth and almost smoky. And all around is warm, sweet porridge ($10) composed from Guinness-soaked sourdough rye. It's accented with brown sugar and is creamy but still light in texture, with the Guinness offering the slightest bitter edge. Should you eat the ice cream first, or let it melt, stir it in, and eat it all together? Decisions, decisions. I say go half-half. The porridge is finished with a dusting of caramelized chocolate crumbles. It's one dessert you'll want to keep all for yourself.


9 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012 (map) 212-203-2121