Lunch Today (Hangover Helper Edition): Huevos con Machaca at Pinche Taqueria

Lunch Today

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[Photo: Carey Jones]

When I had the Huevos con Machaca ($5.65) at Pinche Taqueria on Tuesday, over a perfectly civilized lunch outing with a colleague, I snapped a picture to "Lunch Today" it. When I ordered it for lunch on Wednesday when I could barely manage to pick up the phone to call in for delivery, I knew it was better suited to a "Hangover Helper." So we'll call it both.

Wednesday went something like this:

Carey: I need... a real lunch today. None of this nibbling bullshit.
Erin: ME TOO.
Carey: Ooooh, Leandra and I had this pile of beef and eggs and peppers for like five dollars yesterday and—
Erin: YES. That. What you just said. Order that.

I'll just go ahead and say that everyone should have a place that delivers massive piles of eggs, beef, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, with rice, beans, and tortillas, for less than six dollars. It's on the breakfast menu, but Pinche serves breakfast until 4 PM, and let's be real: do you want this much beef first thing in the morning? Our order arrived in about fifteen minutes, and Erin and I greedily grabbed our delivery bag, ripped it open, and dug in, not really bothering to get a plate or sit down or even take the container all the way out of the plastic bag. Ben walked in and laughed at us. "I've never seen you guys order delivery before."

How does it taste? Perfectly fine, exactly as it looks. The beef you generally see in machaca con huevos is shredded dried beef, whereas this seemed to just be little meat nubs, indistinguishable from whatever was on the salad "with beef" ("What sort of beef?" "You know. Beef") we'd also tried the day before. But it doesn't really matter, does it? Meat and eggs all jumbled up in a big steaming, happy pile—it is what it is; and what it is, is salvation.

Pinche Taqueria

227 Mott Street, New York NY 10012 (b/n Prince and Spring streets; map) 212-625-0090