10 Sandwiches from Court Street Grocers

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Every once in a while, the SE:NY tipline buzzes with a note about Court Street Grocers in Carroll Gardens. "You have to try these!" fans say. Well, try them we did, and we really did love them—really, really love them. Our most recent Court Street fan letter left us with a serious craving for more.

So what did we do? We went by and picked up every sandwich we haven't tasted yet, and laid them out for one glorious sandwich feast.

The results? Some of these sandwiches are awesome, but others might leave you cold. Court Street has a way with juicy, tender meat and bright pickled accents. Vegetables are less of a draw, but the breakfast sandwiches are pretty righteous. Which sandwiches should you hit up on your visit? Check them all out in the slideshow above, ranked (sort of) in relative order of deliciousness, or click through the individual sandwiches here:

Mr. Victor »
Macho Man or Woman »
Little Shonda »
The Jawn »
Turkey + Durkee »
Media Noche »
Tuna Salad »
Mother-in-Law »
Broccoli Reuben »
Veg Loaf »