Put An Avocado On It: 11 Avocado-Based Sandwiches We Love in NYC

We've been pretty obsessed with avocado toasts and sandwiches lately. Really, is there any better summer lunch? You get all the buttery richness you could want, but they're still light and refreshing on hot days. Avocados make the perfect addition to any sandwich, but they're also just right on their own with a little salt and pepper. We like sandwiches where avocados are the main feature, not just a spreadable afterthought.

Here are a couple avocado-centric toasts and sandwiches we've been eating recently. Click through the slideshow above to see them all, or jump to a specific sandwich below:

Avocado Sandwich at Mudspot »
Vegetarian Sandwich at Olive's »
Avocado Sandwich at Iris Take Away »
Avocado Sandwich at Battery Place Market »
Gobblecado at Peels »
Avocado Toast at The Commons Chelsea »
Crunchy Earth at Savory NYC »
Avocado and Zucchini at Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto »
B.L.A.T at Friedman's Lunch »
Avocado Toast at Iris Take Away »
Farmhouse Cheddar at Barnyard »