Video: Behind the Cote de Boeuf at Abe & Arthur's




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We're on the cusp of a wonderful time of year: barbecue season. Who doesn't love backyards filled with corn on the cob, fresh ripe watermelon, and grilled meat?

(My apologies to the veg-exclusive viewers; your video will come soon enough.)

Speaking of grilled meat, let's preemptively kick off the summer with a mouthwatering inspiration known as the cote de boeuf. A lot of love (and butter) goes into the 40-ounce ribeye, and we're all the happier for it. Special thanks to Abe & Arthur's Executive Chef Franklin Becker for letting us peek behind the scenes.

[Videography: Jessica Leibowitz]

This ribeye's admittedly not standard Memorial Day weekend barbecue fare. It's aged for 28 days and is sourced from Creekstone Farms via Pat LaFrieda. It's cooked in four stages: in an infrared 1,700 °F salamander, a regular oven, a clarified butter bath—and a quick return to the salamander to finish. If only my uncle could serve cote de boeuf at his annual MDW 'cue...

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