First Look: Parish Hall, From the Team Behind Egg in Williamsburg

[Photographs: Alice Gao]

If you know George Weld and chef Evan Hanczor from their first Williamsburg restaurant, Egg—a place well-known for their fried chicken, where the brunch menu boasts biscuits and grits—you might be surprised to find their second, Parish Hall, taking a slightly different tack. The sleek white-and-blonde-wood interior feels sparse and modern compared to Egg's stripped-down rustic mood. The bar is prominent and features a list of seasonal cocktails, whereas Egg is just beer and wine.

But despite its Southern bent, Egg has long made a point of its reliance on New York produce from the team's own Goatfell Farm upstate. That's the most evident common thread with Parish Hall, which chef Hanczor calls "the cuisine of the Northeast, based on the landscape." That means, in April, plenty of root vegetables with peas and ramps and asparagus swinging in, too; lamb in several forms, and duck as well.

Of course any self-respecting chef will muster enthusiasm about ingredients, but the visibly excited Hanczor had no end of stories, from the daily-changing composition of the "underground salad" to a vinegar maker he found "on the 6th page of a Google search result or something, this crazy guy making vinegar outside Poughkeepsie from a vinegar mother that he brought over from France—I mean, this stuff is nuts."

Weld and Hanczor took us through their spring menu (noting that dishes change often, with the availability of ingredients; "We're at the market 4-5 times of the week, and between that and the farm, we cook with what we get). Take a look in the slideshow above.

Parish Hall

109A North 3rd Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (map) 718-782-2602