Behind the Scenes of Indian Snack Food at Thelewala

[Photographs: Donny Tsang]

Thelewala on MacDougal Street specializes in Indian street food, and we're huge fans of their kati rolls and other offerings. They makes several dishes that are hard to find in other Indian restaurants in New York, like lesser known chaats and uncommon variations on kati rolls, which they call nizami rolls.

We spent some time in the kitchen to learn how to make a few of these dishes. Check out the slideshow for a peek inside.


112 MacDougal St. NY 10112 (map) 212-614-9100

About the Author: Donny Tsang traded a life of traffic jams in LA for one of crowded subways in NYC, where he's been since 2003. Now he is a Brooklyn-based food photographer and founded the website Foodaissance, where he photographs local artisans.